What An Amazing Day for My Young Living Addiction!!

So, I know I said my next post would be about how and why to get started with Young Living Essential Oils, however, I had such an amazing day feeding my YL addiction today that I had to share!!  First off, my YL family and I met with a women who has a Zyto Scanner!!  What’s this you say?  Well, it’s the most amazing invention ever to help you feel your body the EOs you need the most!!  This was amazing!  I found out I am in need of Eucalyptus!  Well, then the sweet sweet Zyto Lady, Ms. Amy, also had this emotional healing book that matched you with your oil you found out about and you could read about how this is related to your mental health.  I was floored!!  What I read that was related to Eucalyptus was me to a tee!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  What an amazing start to the day!

The first picture is me getting “zito-scanned” and the second pic is the wonderful book she introduced us to!!

IMG_7705 IMG_7704

Then, I was taken to the cutest little shop!  I signed up to be a vendor in their shop so I can sell my homemade concoctions I make from my 100% therapeutic essential oils from Young Living!!  I am so excited!  Not only do I get to share the love of my oils with people by introducing them to Young Living essential oils, but I also get to make goodies for people and make a little money on the side!!  I can’t wait to get my products in the store!!

Yay to my amazing day!  My EO addiction was definitely filled up some today!! I’m so excited.  I promise my next post will be how to get started with Young Living.  Just had to share my excitement before I exploded!!  You can be this excited also about EOs!!


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